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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

McCain Quit Whining!

(Isn’t that a Canadian Mapleleaf on the sign McCain is holding? Just wondering.)

I was watching CNN and they showed McCain at an appearance yesterday whining that same old tired statement “New Hampshire can’t be bought”. Isn’t it funny how broke campaigns like to use that to garner votes? Like they should punish organized campaigns for raising more money by not voting for them. Also how come McCain and Huckabee spend SO MUCH TIME whining about the “attack ads” but they never really seam too eager to answer as to their record that the ad simply points out. How dare Romney point out where they are different and in his opinion where they are wrong.

McCain like Huckabee talks less about his record and platform and more about the typical politician double talk. You know things like McCain/Feingold, McCain/Kennedy, being against repealing the death tax… are hard things to hide try as he might. Whenever McCain and Huckabee are confronted about things governor Romney has merely pointed out they both say things like Romney is running a desperate and dishonest campaign or that his campaign is in a tailspin. How about responding to the issue. You can’t can you.

Both McCain and Huckabee have limited appeal to the true conservative base. Huckabee relies heavily on social conservative Evangelicals and McCain is being propped up by independents not so much by Republicans. How far with this take either of them remains to be seen but, they are damaging the Republican flavour with their less than conservative records and platforms.

And speaking of whining I just saw the clip of Chuck Norris whining on FOX about that Huckabee gets called minister yet Romney of whom was a bishop doesn’t get called bishop Romney. Well Chuck I might be wrong but, I think Romney was a Stake president as well and that aclually makes him president Romney! I got to admit, I like how that sounds.

Thanks Chuck!

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Limbo said...

A Bishop is always a Bishop. But a Stake President once release is a Brother. However, President Romney does sound very good!