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Friday, December 28, 2007

Huckabee - The Comedian and Chief

Mike Huckabee is using his same lame old tactics in attempt to try to convince the American people, specifically voters in Iowa, that he is the man for the job. Recently, he brought reporters with him on a pheasant hunt (it's good to know that he 's spending his time so wisely right before the Iowa primaries) with the intent to take subtle shots at Mitt Romney. The Chicago Tribute released an article about his hunting-trip encounter with the media. Here are a few highlights with commentary added.

"Republican front-runner Huckabee took veiled jabs at his chief rival, Mitt Romney, while bringing reporters along on a pheasant hunt on a snowy, wind-swept Iowa plain. A regular hunter, Huckabee then shot a pheasant. "Don't get in my way," the former Arkansas governor joked. "This is what happens."

Yes, Huckabee "joked", just like he alway does. The irony is that he IS a joke, and that his tactic of taking serious issues lightly to get a laugh shows that he doesn't actually care about America, but rather just about winning. He is known for making unbelievably stupid comments. The problem with Huckabee is that he's missing that part of his brain that prevents him from making ridiculous comments and saves him from having a cloud of idiotness hang over him.

On the Republican side,

"Huckabee remains locked in a tight struggle with Romney. He brought reporters out to a frozen field outside of Osceola to discuss his campaign and, as a subtext, illustrate his support for gun rights. (A local official of the National Rifle Association accompanied him on the hunt.)
Huckabee, wearing full hunting regalia, complete with an orange-accented jacket and cap, appeared more than ready for the cold conditions. He also had a Benelli Super Black Eagle 12-gauge camouflage shotgun in hand. "I'm just talking about taking care of business," Huckabee announced, before locking and loading."

Yep, he's sure taking care of business alright. I mean, if I were a few days away from the most important primary of the election, I would be hunting too. Taking care of business also means being completely unaware of details about world events such as what is going on in Pakistan. Huck obviously thinks that killing birds is more important than foreign affairs.

"The business, of course, was Romney. Without mentioning the former Massachusetts governor by name, it's clear who Huckabee's real target was, with the unlucky pheasants along to serve only as metaphors (and, eventually, dinner).
In a direct shot at Romney before the hunt, Huckabee said he brings "authenticity and credibility to the campaign."

Ya, he sure is credible. I mean, he only took bribes as governor, went against voters wishes by funding illegal alien's education, and had absolutely no idea that Pakistan took away martial law two weeks ago (click here for article). If all those things don't make him credible, then I don't know what will.

Romney, Huckabee, said, "is focused on telling people why I shouldn't be president. I've been here focused on telling people why I should be."

A convenient statement as he blatantly takes a shot at Romney as he does the interview. How do you spell hypocrite?

Bottom line: Huckabee is obtuse, and runs his campaign on cheap jokes and one-liners. He's got about as much quality and character as a cubic zirconia; he appears authentic at first, but upon closer examination his ideas and track record are virtually worthless.


Limbo said...

"shhhhhhh, I am hunting suckers."
If Huckabee can distract Iowans long enough with his antics and jokes, he can avoid the issues and showing his deficiencies. I heard that Iowans love their corn and Mike Huckabee is as corny as they come. But come this Jan.3, don’t pick corn-y. Pick a President!

Suds said...

Well said Limbo. Huck's strategy is to avoid Q and A and talking about important issues until Iowa is over and hopes that enough of his lemmings don't get picked off by common sense before then. Fortunately, he is really bad at keeping his mouth shut when it comes to making absurd comments, so hopefully he'll make a few more and voters will continue to get a good look into who he really is - a slimy, underachieving weasel.

Ken said...

I just saw on CNN that Huckabee said in a press conference from the lobby of a Holiday Inn Express that he is going to have Andrew Dice Clay as his running mate and is thinking of having Michael Richards (Cosmo Kramer)as his chief advisor because he owns a map and reads the newspaper to keep the Incredible Huck informed. We wouldn't want him to look silly now would we?

Limbo said...

A new poll is showing some very interesting information. It is a very large sampling of 15,000 Iowans from a telephone survey of Republican presidential caucuses goers. Most sampling are 400 to 600 voters and are less accurate. But this new poll tell us two things. One; Romney’s base was always there and now solidifying. Two: Huckabee’s numbers came mostly from Thompson, McCain and Giuliani. However, the more that people knows about Huckabee, the worst he looks. And his numbers are going down.