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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mitt is the Man to Beat

I am an avid Risk player and one of the best strategies is to quickly take out the opponent with the best positioning on the board before they get strong enough to dominate the game. This strategy reminds me of countless football movies that I can think of where the coach of the "enemy" team will send out one of his dirty players to purposely injure the "good-guy team's" star quarterback or receiver. Similarly, the same strategy of removing the candidate that is most likely to defeat you before he grows too popular is used in politics, specifically with regards to Mitt Romney, a popular target for most Republican and Democrat candidates. The fact that he is the object of so much attention and negativity sends out the clear message that he is the man to beat.

Today Race 4 2008 posted an excellent article which I thought was worthy of spreading to anyone who will read it. In a nutshell, it explains how Mitt Romney is one of the, if not the most feared candidates by both Republicans and Democrats. He leads a relentless, well funded, organized campaign that is building up a steady and loyal base. I won't tell too much more but I would highly recommend reading this article entitled "Mitt Will Win".

An excerpt from the article after the jump:

Romney is the man to beat. There is no denying it. He has the strongest position. As a matter of fact, if you offered Team Mitt the opportunity to trade strategic places with any candidate, I am positive they would decline. Really who’s spot would you want to be in? A guy who seems to be making a small resurgence in a state he won in 2000, yet has not taken the lead, has no money and is sputtering every where else? A guy who peaked 2 weeks ago and seems to be relying on a niche of the party to support him? A guy who peaked last summer and faded within a month? A guy who ran high in the national polls for a year, than dropped half the support and has no organization except in the state of Florida? None of those are welcoming options.

Like it or not Mitt has for the last 2 years methodically laid the ground work for the next month. He has put together the brightest minds in politics in all the key states, built the strongest organization, and frankly has the most impressive record of running organizations and achieving success.

There is no question the early entrants to the field recognized this. In May of 2006 when I opened my first blog, Illinoisans4Mitt, I quickly began to receive a steady stream of hate mail from anonymous Brownback supporters who worked with Mass Resistance. When John McCain started to build his organization in 06, it was no secret he was pining at Romney by pulling in the Governor of Utah, and the Attorney General- and it was no secret the governor of Utah is bitter at Romney that he was passed over to lead the Olympics.

As a matter of fact Mitt has been the constant object of derision from the competing campaigns since day 1. This is not only a testament to his shear leadership genius, but also to his positioning in the Race.

To read the full article click here.

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